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Addendum Collaborate 4.0Automatic processing for your Works

The application simplifies the work for editors. Unnecessary items can be removed for ease of reading and text can be colored. When proofreading, images and graphics disturbing sometimes and colored text is sometimes difficult to recognize.

Count and Clear cleans up. With a push of a button, all graphics and images are removed from a PDF, all text is colored black and all the characters and words are counted. This simplifies the work and settlement at the editorial.

Count & Clear Preview

Figure: Page before and after the removal of graphics and the coloring of text.

Images and graphics Removal

The plug-in is removing all the pictures or graphics on each page, or in the entire document, so that the corrective text is visible only. The content can then be quickly and easily spotted and corrected.

Coloring Text black

After all the graphics and images have been removed, the remaining text color can be blackened for better readability. Colored and especially white text can now be much better read and reviewed. The page layout remains unchanged.

Count Words and Characters

Count and Clear counts all words and characters in the file or on a dedicated page. On this basis can be settled. The user can save the conversion to MS Word, to count there. The result is written in the document information and is retained for further processing.

Count and Clear Pro 5.0

Additionaly to the above described functions, the Pro version let's you create automatically layers for the different object groups, Text, Images, Vector graphics and additionally a Black Text Layer. This enables you to hide or show the different object groups. The function can be used to create layers for each current page and/or all pages.


 Layer names: Create layer for the current Page
   CC_Text Page ....
   CC_Text_Black Page ....
   CC_Pixel images Page ....
   CC_Vector Graphics Page ....
 Count & Clear LayersCount & Clear Pro Fenster
 Layer names: Create layer for all pages
   CC_Pixel images
   CC_Vector Graphics

Product information


Addendum Collaborate 4.0 / Addendum Collaborate Pro 5.2


Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10
Programtype Plug-in for Adobe Acrobat 9 and higher
Language English / German / French
Price Single User Standard EUR 49,00
Price Single User Pro 5.2 EUR 195,00
Delivery ESD
The demo version is fully functional, except the edited PDF can not be saved. STANDARD DEMO

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