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Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Supports 32Bit and 64Bit
Directory Monitoring time interval, Once, Weekly Schedule
automatic start
Print files based on file attributes Directory Print Batch List
Load,Save print list
Check the print list
Use of a printer with different settings
All Pages
First Page Only
With page numbers
Multiple Copies
Split pages
Multiple pages per sheet
Booklet Printing
Watermarks (image, text, pre defined placeholders): horizontal, vertical, diagonal
Sort the printing sequence
Use separator file Watermarks

Batch-Print 6

Adobe Acrobat and free Acrobat Reader unfortunately lacks functionality to automatically printout multiple documents. Batch-Print bridges this gap by offering a variety easy to use functions to optimize and automate output.

Batch-Print runs not only under Adobe Acrobat but also as a Plug-in for Acrobat Reader, so you don't necessarily need the full version of Adobe Acrobat

1. Watched folders

Batch-Print watch preferences

Selected folders may automatically be watched so their contents can be sent to output in certain intervals. All printed files are then moved to another folder. Files which couldn't be printed will be moved to yet another folder. If you choose not to move the files after printing the will be printed everytime until you remove them manually. Supporting the same or different printer & printer settings for each directory.

2. Printout of complete folders

Batch-Print directory print

Batch Print's "folders" function lets you list certain folders and, on command, have the PDF contents of all folders printed out.

3. Print files from a list

Batch-Print list print
You may alternatively define a list of files to be printed. These lists may be saved and printed any time you want.

4. Watermarks

When outputting PDF documents, an additional text and / or graphics can be inserted in all modes. This includes variables such as the date that the file name or the user. The text or graphic can freely placed on the page and appear both in horizontal, vertical or diagonal position.

5. Sort pages, Print odd / even page numbers or defined pages
This often needed standard features help to get around problems in double sided printing and sorting. Batch Print can help by internally printing single pages in the defined order.

6. Commandline interface
Beginning from Version 4.1 this functionality is longer supported. If you are interested in this functionality , please check out our program ACMD 3.3

Batch-Print History

Maintenance & Support
Support for Batch Print is free the first 3 months after purchase and is then carried out in the framework of Maintenance (SMA). Also included in the offer are updates and upgrades of the application. The agreement is for one year and shall be renewed for another 12 months, unless canceled 30 days prior to expiration.



Batch-Print 6


Demo Version


Windows >= Vista, 32 & 64 Bit


Program typ

Plug-in for Acrobat and Reader 9.x - DC

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Englisch / German / French


149,- EUR

Maintenance (SMA) 44,70 EUR per year  

Price - 5-pack

633,50 EUR


Price - 10-pack

1043,- EUR


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