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ACmd 3.4

ACmd was developed to access Adobe bzw. Acrobat Reader from the commandline.The programm lets you open documents on certain pages, print single documents or printing from a batchlist. This features are very helpful in combination with help systems.

For printing you can select the different available papersources for the available printers and many more options. Please see the Options table.

Commandline Interface

E.g. Open a document with a named destination

ACmd.exe -NAME "Test.pdf " "Ziel 1"

Define destinations

For each document you can create a unlimited number of named destinations. Some layout programs. like FrameMaker, can create automatically named destination from different critierias.


 -X    Close Acrobat Reader
 -CLA    Close all documents
 -SP  "Printer";Papertray;Orientation;Duplex;Papersize;Copies;Quality  Select printer
 -O  "filename.pdf"  Open document
 -C  "filename.pdf" Close  document
 -P  "filename.pdf"  Print document
 -HP  "filename.pdf";"Printer";Papertray;Orientation;Duplex;Papersize;Copies;Quality  Print document in hidden mode
 -HPX  "filename.pdf";"Printer";Papertray;Orientation;Duplex;Papersize;Copies;Quality Print document in hidden mode, wait for printout and close Acrobat 
-HW  "filename.pdf";"Printer";Papertray;Orientation;Duplex;Papersize;Copies;Quality Print document in hidden mode and wait for printout
 -TP  "filename.pdf";"Printer";Papertray;Orientation;Duplex;Papersize;Copies;Quality  Print document to the given printer
 -LP "printlist.txt";"printlist1.txt".....  Print various number of simple batchlist files
 -GO  "filename.pdf";3  Open document on the given page
 -NAME  "filename.pdf";"P.4"  Open document at the given destination
 -REG    ACMD Registration
 -SHOW   Show Acrobat/Reader after hidden print

Product information

1.500,00 EUR


ACmd 3.4






Commandline control for Acrobat 9-DC and Adobe Reader 9-DC - X64 compatible



Single user license

159,00 EUR

Upgrade Single user license

69,00 EUR

Server license

295,00 EUR

Company license

1.500,00 EUR

Demo  ACMD 3.x

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